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We are a design studio working with people and brands, big and small.
Its what we do. We love it and we do it every day.

Design realisation specialists

We work with you on your goals. We help realise your specific outcome, and develop the project from concept to launch, preparing it for market.

How we can help you

Davis and Davies specialises in taking projects of any size to market, starting at the concept stage, moving through to commercialisation. Our process starts with your idea, defining how to best support it, and developing it into a viable project through our design process.


If you are interested in taking an idea to market successfully, book a call to strategise how we can help.

Our background

Davis and Davies is a design consultancy in London. The studio was founded by William Davis and James Hywel-Davies after studying together at the University of Plymouth through a shared interest in emotionally engaging products and services.

Design by people,
for people.

We are a human centred studio. What does this mean? We combine design and the study of human behaviour to develop tactile solutions, creating deep-rooted bonds.


It is our mission to connect people with the objects they own. The products we develop spark conversations, and the experiences are real and memorable.


William Davis

Will is a product and furniture designer who studied at the University of Plymouth where he was awarded the Chartered Society of Design CEP award for his work. 


In addition to material exploration, he routes his design philosophy in the same belief as William Morris, “[to] have nothing in your life you don’t believe to be beautiful or know to be useful”, which he expresses through his tactile and honest approach to problem solving and product development.


Will has spent the last two years developing his ability in design for manufacture and business accruement, helping globally recognised design consultancies and Pharma companies to make the world a better and more enjoyable place to live. 

James Hywel-Davies

James is a multi-disciplinary creative. He has the head of a product designer, and the heart of a designer maker. He loves to solve problems by making things.

A traditional product designer at the core of his design process, he lives by Terrance Conran's quote; 'A designer can not claim to have designed something until they know how it will be made'.


James is a graduate from MA Industrial Design from Central Saint Martins, where he formed his practice around socially driven projects and human centred design. As a designer, he focuses on the experience of using something, the joy of holding an object in your hands, and how it makes a difference in day-to-day life.

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